Thursday, February 12, 2009

Timothy's Pub

Timothy's Pub
2890 Robert T. Longway Blvd Flint,
MI 48506

(810) 239-0972

Nights not to go: Night before you're performing surgery

in the morning
Nights to go: Monday Men's Night/Wednesday Karaoke
Cute Waitresses: Yes
Bartender wearing a vest: Yes
Need to run from car to building: Low
: Hell yes!
Avg Age: 55

If your grandparents are up from Florida and miss playing cards at the club house they should come out to Timothy's. We were there on a Monday night and it was Euchre league night. I've never played Euchre at a bar and I don't know if that is really common. And I didn't see one idiot with sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a welders mask, trying to hide his tells.

Zach (or Zac or Zak?) is a damn good bartender. He said one time, way before he was a bartender there, he punched his uncle in this very same bar (which doesn't mean what you think it does).

Men's Night is also on
Mondays. Andy's wife (sorry ladies) said in the past she never knew were to find many eligible bachelors in one place (I totally paraphrased that and she said it much funnier). Which makes me think its not so much for the ladies to go find men, but, for the men to not be found by their ladies. IN-FRIGGIN-GENIUS

In the end, a certain side of me loves Timothy's Pub. Its feels like going to a relatives house on Thanksgiving, if all of your relatives were drunk, they mostly left you alone, and they charged you for dinner. The beer is just left of free, there seems to be a lot going on every night of the week, and it was a comfy place to chug some swill.

  • Fact: Timothy's Pub has no graffiti on their bathrooms walls
  • Fact: You can get breakfast anytime of the day
  • Fact: Timothy's Pub is largest consumer of Miller Lite in Genesee County
  • Fact: The best night to go is Monday night.
  • Fact: The best night to go is Wednesday according to the the waitress that works on Wednesday
  • Fact: I hate taking photos in a bar.
  • Fact: They have Buzztime trivia and the Texas Hold'em
  • Fact: You will hear cowbell on a Monday night
  • Fact: Even though there is a Men's night, there is too much wood trim and wooden decoration for this to be a gay bar
  • Fact: Their website is crap but just informative enough for intrigue
  • Fact: Zach recommends the Steak and Onion Sandwich
  • Fact: Beer was so cheap that when my wife told me not to spend too much money or get too drunk, I was only able to do one of those.
  • Fact: Our generation won't be able to retire and move to Florida. Timothy's Pub will have to do.
  • Fact: Leprechauns have giant packages and even bigger fingers.


  1. Fact: This post is awesome. Your wife sounds lame. Har.

  2. Lie: I never go to a bar if the bartender doesn't wear a vest.

    But I am into it.

  3. Thanks need to go out to Nick and Rob for jokes and conversation.

  4. Have you given up the dive bars for a while or will you alternate between friendly neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name & the unknown? Will you speed things up because there are about 60 bars or more in Flint.

    Suppose that...a bar had a murder or two (they happen from time to time) Will you avoid it, or earmark it & give it a forty day cooling off period then check it out?

    Also I'm wondering, which is the northern most, southermost, westerly, and easterly drinking establishments in the Flint area?

    (Then again, I'm wondering) do you pick the next place to go?

    (Son of then again I'm wondering...)What bar do you expect to witness your first fight between winos, beer-os, whiskey-os, or any of the other funny biochemicaly altered people? Will you write about it?

    (The Return of Son of then again I'm wondering...)
    I only love you for your mind & my one hope for the three of you is to stay motivated. I'll still respect you come morning.

  5. It's hard to imagine the eucre crown engaging in karaoke three times per week, but you never know.

    I too hate taking photos in bars, but they're really nice.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. And I'm glad to see the original Andy photo is back.

  7. Melvin - The cooling off period sounds like a good idea.

    There is almost no rhyme or reason to our bar selection, almost. We noticed all our bars so far are on the east side, so we'll be mixing that up a little bit. We also try and go to bars when we hear of cool events or cheap drinks.

    We try to do one bar a week at least. Most times we have a couple bars in mind in case we don't like one and want to leave and go somewhere else, but so far we've had a good run.

    This week we are going to what has to be the Northernmost bar in Flint. It has a Flint address, but I honestly don't see how it can still be in the city limits.

    The backup bar is on Pasedena, but we'll see what happens.

  8. You don't have to retire to Florida.
    You can actually leave this craphole of a state and move there, or anywhere else for that matter, even to other countries.

  9. OK, this bar burnt down years ago. Need to do some new updates and reviews.

  10. Wierd This post for Timothy's has the same comments as the one I just viewed for Terri's Lounge. You didn't mention anything about the Karaoke at this bar.