Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Terri's Lounge

Terri's Lounge
2605 Fenton Rd
Flint, MI 48507

(810) 235-8941

Overheard: Dude looking for a ride home because he was fresh out of jail for beating ex-wife's friend's ex-boyfriend: "Yeah I got dropped off here after they let me outta jail. I'm gonna need a ride home."
Fascinating fact: Terri is owner's ex daughter-in-law
Spell check: YES!
Bartendress has beautiful white teeth: affirmative

Bicycle parking inside: Yes (but you may need to be VIP)
Need to run from parking lot to building: Which one?
The one on the other side of the street behind the closed-up building: Medium
And the one behind Terri's?: Medium

Even with the bit of amazing jail time eavesdropping we may have
gone on a boring night. I've driven by this place a million times and it seems to always be busy. It was between pool leagues and business was slow. We caught it on an off night. Kim the bartender was really nice and tried to recruit us into the pool league. I am a terrible pool player and can't even think of the last time I held a pool stick. Burgers were inexpensive and not to bad. Comparable to a Halo burger 10 minutes before close. Jukebox was loud and had AC/DC and Celine Dion (rad). Think I'll come again on a busier night and see if it gets better. Right now this place is so-so but deserving of a second interview.

In Numbers:
  • 78: Days since last shooting (as of 02/25/09)
  • 1: Burgers you get for free after buying 1
  • 12: Pool tables with green felt
  • 5: People on a pool team
  • 0: Pool tables with red felt
  • 2: Beers on tap
  • 1.50: Dollars (American) it takes to buy domestic bottles on Sunday and Thursday
  • 1: Bucket you get when you buy a bucket of Budweiser Light cans
  • 6: Number of cans are put into a bucket
  • ~400: Ice cubes in bucket
  • 0: Ice Cube drinking at Terri's
  • 1: Lights Emily almost broke
  • 5: Family's favorite alcoholic drinks
  • 1 in 4.23: Chance I had to win the 7 spot Club Keno game
  • 0: Dollars (American) I won


  1. Feeling bad that no one else is posting a comment after this most recent bar review has been up for like a week now.

    I'm checking in on your blog every couple of days right after I run through all my other favs. although I think you three should post at least TWO reviews a week.

    A few idea...

    1) If you can, I say do some audio recording like through an MP3 player. That way you can document any interisting conversations or even scraps of conversation and report them word for word. Think field recording.

    2) Are you talking to enough strangers? Everyone has a story to tell, or even a joke. The jerk who cut them off on 69 two weeks ago,the crazy woman at the grocery store this morning,etc. I'm not suggesting you go all Geraldo Reveria but get the gist I'm sure.

    3)Each of you should take turns asking if the bar has a house drink that they'd suggest. Take the jump and try it.

    Read your type next week....:)

  2. I could tell you stories about Terrie's. The gun fights, the hobos, the chainsaw, and catching the person stealing my car in the act. Ah, memories.

  3. Yet another watering hole I may have to check out. I like the idea of a buy one burger, get one free special. After reading Mracine's comments about their car, I can understand why people might ride a bike to Terri's.

    By the way, I can't believe that the You Tube clip of the "Star Wars Kid" has over 12 million hits!

  4. mracine - I would love to hear all of these stories.

  5. Hobos???
    Mracine, seriously do tell the stories.

  6. RIP Terri's Lounge!

  7. Now you can visit the owner of Terri's Lounge illegal after hours joint next door.