Monday, February 2, 2009

Soggy Bottom Bar

Soggy Bottom Bar
613 Martin Luther King Ave.
Flint, Michigan 48502


Nights not to go: Fridays its College Night.
Night to go: Wednesday Karaoke
Cute Bartendress: Yes
Handsome Bartender: Shoot, I don't know
Need to run from car to building: Medium-low

It isn't any coincidence that Soggy Bottom is next to a fancy men's clothing store and a men's hat shoppe. The Soggy Bottom Bar is a classy establishment. They even have a dry erase board in the bathroom so the next guy can improve your dirty jokes and booby pictures. It's the kind of bar that makes you feel like you're not in Flint anymore (hardly any broken stuff). It's got a lot of dark wood, stained glass lamps and a small but stellar draft beer selection. The night we were there they had Bud, Bud Light, Killian's, Guinness, Bud American Ale, Heineken, Bass, and Goose Island 312. They used to have live music on the weekends with a cover charge, too many people packed into tight quarters, and the music was so loud it prevented conversation with the dude trying to hustle you at the pool table. NOTE: They no longer have live music with cover charge.

We recommend that you go in the early part of the week when you can hang out in mostly dark recesses of the bar with the regulars. Although we've avoided this place in the past, on our most recent visit Courtney convinced us (partially by playing the 90's channel on satellite radio) that we have to come back more often. Al B. Sure! to come back.

Drink at Soggy Bottom to:
  • Be in cool looking bar.
  • Drink from looks-like-more-than-a-pint pints
  • Choose from a choice beer selection
  • Pay a good price
  • Chat up a good looking bartender lady (beer wench is archaic, right?)
  • Sit in 98% matching chairs
  • Not notice any broken stuff
  • Enjoy live entertainment on the weekends
  • Enjoy karaoke!
  • See some dudes get a pizza delivered to the pool table
  • To get a lot of head on your mustache
Don't drink at Soggy Bottom if:
  • You need to sit more than 4 to a table
  • Huge awesome murals with a scary lady freak you out
  • You get offended when no one offers you a slice of pizza
  • Drinking draft Busch Light was your plan
  • Paying a cover is lame to you
  • You were hoping to get shanked in the parking lot (Durant Hotel is getting renovated and the homeless moved across the street)
  • You are afraid of anything north of the river (even if its just 2 blocks)
  • You're afraid of monkeys


  1. I talked to Courtney. There isn't any bands playing anymore. Thus no cover charges. There is a live DJ playing on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Plus karaoke every Wednesday, Saturday, and every other Friday.

    Go every there and tip Courtney! She's super sweet.

  2. Cute Bartendress and no pictures?

  3. I agree. Should have a pic of the cute ones.

  4. This review format rules. Also, a agree with Anon about the pictures!

  5. Yes, like format. More photos. Talk to other patrons.

    Now where the hell is Andy's old profile picture? The new one's fine but come on, look more drunker.

  6. The owner is rude and unpleasant.

    The bartender who is about 50+ has difficulty getting orders correct.

    The bar is in a very bad neighborhood. You are taking a big risk in being raped, robbed, or worse. I think the criminal element is looking forward to victimizing the drunk college kids who cant defend themselves that come out of there.

    There are two a drug rehab facilities about two blocks away.

    I hope you dont run into a crackhead who has an empty pocket looking for fix. There are prostitutes and drug dealers 3 blocks away to the west in University Ave.

    The day I was there, it seemed that the bathroom could have used a good cleaning.

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  8. Soggy Bottom has recently undertaken a new direction in adding more Michigan beers and adding more entertainment every weekend. Karaoke was switched from Wednesdays to Fridays. The (long-awaited)resteraunt opening will be taking place sometime in late July or early August. Some of the previous comments have said that the risk of "shanked" or "raped" or worse is high. There has literally been zero problems since I have started coming to the bar. I have gotten to know the regulars very well and when you go in there people go out of their way to get to know you. The bartenders are incredible and they are all young students helping pay for their college tuitions and rent. So they work hard at keeping a safe and pleasant enviroment. I encourage everyone to check this bar out and go to at least once. You will not be disappointed.

  9. Didn't say anything hardly about the Karaoke.
    I didn't know they still had Karaoke.