Thursday, March 12, 2009

JW's Music Factory‎

JW's Music Factorydress:
617 South Dort Highway
Flint, MI 48503

(810) 234-0020

Nights to go: Every night is karaoke
Nights not to go: When the theater students show-up
Waterfall: Yes
Stage: Yes
Glowing Greek Columns: Yes
Living Room: Yes
Follow Karaoke Rules: No
Kids sing Karaoke: Yes, one day a week

To dudes (Erroll and Chase) were singing sad old country songs when we walked in. It was nice going in here and hearing normal people singing instead of the next American Idol contestants that seem to frequent this place. Since the last time I was in JW's they had added a living room. I wanted to drink there but we wouldn't be able to see the stage well. This is one of the few bars in in Flint with a mildly unique interior.

Karaoke here is good. The sound is fair but you get a stage, lights, and a large library of songs to make up for it. I've been here on nights when the place is absolutely packed and there is no room to move. Go on a Saturday or Friday if you dig that. We were there on a Wednesday and it was a great level of not-so-busy. I'll probably come back but, the service was not so good and the DJ skipped my friend three times in the rotation. That pissed me off but, not until after I sang my songs.

Karaoke Rules for Singers and DJ's
For Singer's:
  1. Sing. The words are on the screen. It's easy.
  2. Don't sing in groups unless there is a part for each person, like a duet or Bohemian Rhapsody.
  3. Don't sing Bohemian Rhapsody.
  4. Clap and yell and High-5 when people finish singing.
  5. Songs to not: "Black Velvet," "Me and Bobby McGee," "You Outta Know," "Picture," "Ice Ice Baby," "Baby Got Back." Some of these are karaoke cliche. Some are hard to sing. They all suck. Very few people do a great job. You know who you are. Most people do a terrible job. Thats probably you.
  6. If your friend is singing pay attention to him/her.
  7. If your husband is singing don't start a conversation with someone at the table about what Kenny Loggins songs were on what movie soundtracks because he's trying to sing a damn love song to you.
  8. Jumping in on someone's song is a jerk move. Everyone in the bar likes you a little bit less now. And the singer thinks you should be shot with pig guts.
  9. Buy the DJ a drink.
  10. Be cool.

For DJ's
  1. Don't announce "After Jenny is Rob" and then after Jenny say "We need Angie to come up here now."
  2. Don't sing every other song. Sure the regulars love it, but you're making a lot of other people not your regulars.
  3. If a wedding party comes in and the bride wants to sing a song, let her, don't made the maiden of honor bribe you.
  4. Have songbooks by artist and songbooks by song. Have more by the artist than song.
  5. Replace broken mics. Sure they are a lot of money, but a broken mic at a karaoke bar is pointless.
  6. Don't skip a person in three times in rotation.
  7. Be cool.