Wednesday, May 6, 2009

C & S Red Ribbon Bar

C & S Red Ribbon Bar

2809 Fenton Rd
Flint, MI 48507

(810) 766-9908

Nights to go: Any
Nights not to go: Not sure yet
Word I didn't know that I didn't know how to spell 10 seconds ago: Trough
Computers Available for paying public: One
Paying Public: Full Bar -1 (freeloader ask for a second after Rob bought him a round)
Is there a house game? Yes
Is it easy? No, its not

Rob and I had many adventures last Saturday night only one I can talk about due to legal concerns. Thats a joke or is it? After a quick round and watching a one man karaoke show at Stumblin' Inn, Rob and I stumbled into Red Ribbon Bar. I had been there once before last spring with my sister-in-law Andrea for a few cold Ones. We shared a pitcher and a dude turned around in his bar stool and stared at me for 45 minutes.

That was my first experience. I figured I was in for similar treatment this trip. This time around I the only staring was coming from me directed towards the HUGE frosted pitcher and frosted glasses. Far too often I am subjected to pitchers fresh out of a hot-hot-hot dishwasher that are still warm to the touch when served with formerly cold beer. Its a bad sitiuation that makes us all uncomfortable and leads to me not coming back. On this night though, things were good. I asked the bartendress about the ring game. She explained the game and I'm going to try to remember exactly what she said, "Turn on the light and put the ring on the hook." Shoot, I can do that. But I didn't. So I drank more beer and listened to the juke box.

Sights to see when traveling through the Red Ribbon Bar.
  • Famed sign celebrating its 2nd place finish
  • Cooler labeled "Stroh's Light"Urinal trough
  • A computer that is connected to THE INTERNET
  • Tables
  • Properly spelled signs (I love those!)
  • Chairs
  • Jukebox
  • House Game
  • Parking
  • Beer can collection
  • Foods
  • Internet
  • Video Game
  • Cheap Beer when game is on