Monday, September 21, 2009

Kelush's Lounge

Kelush's Lounge

1913 N Dort Hwy
Flint, MI
‎ 48506

(810) 232-6162

Night to go: Yes
On tap: Nothing
In Cooler: Lots of stuff
Serve Food? Yes
Specialty: Camel Burger
Is it fresh camel? Yes
Bartender: Chip
Chip butcher the Camel? Yes
Kosher? Nope, they chew cud
Juke Box: A treasure
JK: Don't remember

Beer drinking in Flint was boring this summer. It was my own fault and I had no desire to go to new places because it seemed like I was going to the same place with a different name. But, I knew if I kept trying I would find someplace worth visiting and revisiting.

I had a helluva good time at Kelush's. I was there with Emily and our friend Rob and we doubled the door count. Chip was the bartender that night and served us promptly and courteously. We had a few. They were good. The bar was good. The music was mostly good.

They have beers for $2 a can. It has a pretty good bar to sit at. And the whole place feels like 70's/80's bar. This is a pretty comfortable place to drink. We watched baseball on the new flat screen. Knocked a few back with some retirees. Kept getting fresh cold one's with Chip's prompt service.

I chatted with Chip for a bit and found out that Kelush's and the owner Al Kelush have been a Flint staple for 60+ years (Al is 60++ years). Chip gave me the Reader's Digest version of Al and he seems like a stand-up business man and family man.

Its good to have a few at a place your Grandpa remembers.

There's something about Kelush's

  • Gold caulk around the urinal
  • 1980's Miller Light signage
  • Easy to find on a map (huge, empty field to the southeast)
  • Camel Burger
  • Special short barstools for your pool playing convenience
  • A gaggle of St. Pauli Girl posters
  • This guy hanging out
  • Red telephones
  • Rumor has it the lady bartenders are a couple of lookers