Monday, September 21, 2009

Kelush's Lounge

Kelush's Lounge

1913 N Dort Hwy
Flint, MI
‎ 48506

(810) 232-6162

Night to go: Yes
On tap: Nothing
In Cooler: Lots of stuff
Serve Food? Yes
Specialty: Camel Burger
Is it fresh camel? Yes
Bartender: Chip
Chip butcher the Camel? Yes
Kosher? Nope, they chew cud
Juke Box: A treasure
JK: Don't remember

Beer drinking in Flint was boring this summer. It was my own fault and I had no desire to go to new places because it seemed like I was going to the same place with a different name. But, I knew if I kept trying I would find someplace worth visiting and revisiting.

I had a helluva good time at Kelush's. I was there with Emily and our friend Rob and we doubled the door count. Chip was the bartender that night and served us promptly and courteously. We had a few. They were good. The bar was good. The music was mostly good.

They have beers for $2 a can. It has a pretty good bar to sit at. And the whole place feels like 70's/80's bar. This is a pretty comfortable place to drink. We watched baseball on the new flat screen. Knocked a few back with some retirees. Kept getting fresh cold one's with Chip's prompt service.

I chatted with Chip for a bit and found out that Kelush's and the owner Al Kelush have been a Flint staple for 60+ years (Al is 60++ years). Chip gave me the Reader's Digest version of Al and he seems like a stand-up business man and family man.

Its good to have a few at a place your Grandpa remembers.

There's something about Kelush's

  • Gold caulk around the urinal
  • 1980's Miller Light signage
  • Easy to find on a map (huge, empty field to the southeast)
  • Camel Burger
  • Special short barstools for your pool playing convenience
  • A gaggle of St. Pauli Girl posters
  • This guy hanging out
  • Red telephones
  • Rumor has it the lady bartenders are a couple of lookers


  1. What happened to you guys?

  2. I was wondering the same thing.......


  3. What happened? You guys were supposed to conquer every bar in Flint. You went to like 10 or 12 and then the guy drinking the imported beer in the photo said he was sick of going to bars.

    If you declare you're gonna do something then do it. Other wise your just contributing to bandwidth pollution.