Monday, May 3, 2010

The State of Drinking in Flint

There are two basic kinds of drinking: Drinking to drink and drinking to enjoy. That's it. Sometimes they happen at the same time. Most of the time its cost prohibitive.

That doesn't mean it's impossible to drink well and inexpensively with the same beer. The best bar in Flint for that is The Red Baron. But, its not in Flint.

We started our adventure because we thought it would be fun to see the different bars and try house specialty drinks, the best thing on the menu, and experience new places. We drank at a bunch of places. A lot more than we wrote about. The problem was it was hard coming up with new things about each bar. Everyplace *is* different, and everyplace has *it's* story. But its all the same. Just different to each person's needs from a bar. Because some folks just want to sing showtunes.

And thats not a slight. Its just they way it is. And what it means is any of us can go into every bar in Flint and be comfortable. Except for the places that are scarier than fuck. Which is an entirely different post (and someday I might tell you the least fun I ever had at a bar). While it makes finding a favorite bar really easy, it makes writing about them rather difficult.

So it comes down to 3 thoughts in two points.

1. A bar is where the heart is. Go drinking with friends. Make friends with the bartender. That's now your local bar.
2a. Sometimes its time to drink. Man, the Miller Lite and Bud Light flows bountifully in Flint. And every place in Flint has plenty of whiskey and whisky.
2b. Beer has different tastes. Holy Shit, and it does taste good. And its so hard to find some beer taste variety in Flint. Beer is more than whats sold at Kroger. Go to Sal's on Fenton Rd, Double-J's on Court, Oliver fucking T's, Whigville, and Food Castle on Dort.
Buy a few $10 six-packs. But don't assume that just because its $10 its good. Try choosing a small brewery and tasting what they have to offer. Bell's is good and easy to find. And they aren't all $10. A few are $19.

Go to Redwood Lodge and get a beer sampler.
I sometimes forget how lucky I am that I have a brewery 10 minutes from my house. We are all lucky to have a brewery so close. Then, next week go to Sullivan's Black Forest Brewery in Frankenmuth, try a few. Plus, 7 out of 10 times the brewery beer is cheaper than what you would pay for a Miller High Life at chain restaurant.

And here is a non-secret. Red Baron has 44 taps. Count the number at the next bar you go to. they will have 5 or less.

So here are some disclaimers, backpedals, and thoughts:

  • I'm not a beer snob, I'm just a beer pig that will drink almost anything.
  • I like beer specials during Michigan based sporting events.
  • Oscar night would be fun too.
  • 1 rotating tap at every bar would be awesome.
  • Don't make fun of someone drinking wine.
  • I like the smoking ban. But, I think pipes should be allowed.
  • Beer games shouldn't be played at bars. Unless its subtle.
  • Coming up with new thoughts is time consuming.
  • I hate proofreading.


  1. This started to sound like a farewell post at first. I hope it's not because I enjoy reading about your adventures. As much as I love blogging, it can be a struggle finding time to do it or coming up with the right words when I do have time.

    I don't think I have ever played drinking games at the bar. However, I did see a group of Kettering students playing one a couple of Fridays ago at The White Horse.

    By the way, who is that in the pic attached to the "someone drinking wine" link? They look familiar.

  2. Not farewell, just a note of our death being greatly exaggerated.

    Thats Ernest Hemingway having a drink of wine in Cuba. Life magazine on Google images is awesome.

  3. You guys on the wagon or something?

  4. They served wonderful cocktails. Can't wait to visit the place myself.

  5. I want to take over this blog....give it to me now before I get angry :)