Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love Lucy

Maybe it's just me but I like my bars to either have 30 beer choices or two. The Deville lounge has two options Bud and Bud Light. While I don't really love Bud or Bud Light there is something so unpretentious about these kinds of bars that immediately puts me at ease. It also takes the chore of making decisions away from me. "Do I feel like watching my figure tonight or not?" That's the kind of choice I can handle.

Walking into this place I immediately felt like I was in my best friend from grade school's basement, where her dad had a homemade bar in the corner for when the fellas came over. The booths each had a separate theme with decoupage sports cut outs underneath the varnish on the table. We sat at the Dale Earnhardt table, (the other booths were all dedicated to various Michigan sports teams). The floors were concrete. My absolute favorite part of the decor though was the fact that the lights over each booth were shaded with a Christmas liquor tin. You know that tin with the harlequins that that bottle of DiSaronno that your aunt gave you for Christmas came in? That one. It was all so DIY. I loved it.

Lucy, the bartender was a super cool lady who is raising three of her 16 grandkids and by the end of our visit here I felt like she had taken us under her wing. She was very friendly while still being real. None of that phoney baloney stuff you get other places. This place was so unpretentious that I very quickly felt comfortable. It's nice to go to a place every once in a while and feel like you're hanging out in someones basement, drinking beer and eating wing dings off of a paper plate. yums!

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  1. Don't tell me you went with the Budweiser Light to watch your figure and then chomped all those chicken wings.