Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deville Lounge

Deville Lounge is a dive. There are two beers on tap, drunks, one person working, and a barely functioning bathroom that makes your hands filthier after you wash them. Its the best kind of dive.
What ruins most dive bars is their attempt to be more divey or deny their diveness. The Deville has not succumbed to such stupidity. This is a place to have some beer, play some pool, get drunk. No extras, just the things you need. It is what it is.

You might ask why the hell would someone want to drink in a dive. Well you shouldn't want to drink in a dive, that would make you hipster. You drink in dives because a comfortable bar has been discovered that lets you drink beer, sit, and talk without having to try to look good and be cool. You are already cool. Dude, you are drinking beers with friends and hanging out talking about stuff you like! Take off your sunglasses, you're inside. Take off your big fat coat and stay awhile.

When you go to the Deville say hello to Lucy. She's a beer angel. Rarely have a gotten such awesome service from any bar or restaurant. She went above and beyond what I would hope to get at a 2 or 3 star restaurant. I will becoming back to the Deville and she is the only reason. Plenty of bars are similar to the Deville but they are lucky to have someone like Lucy there.

While you're there take a look at the hallway floor to the bathroom. Its encrusted with pennies.


  1. My Brother-In-Laws Father owns this place. I hope it can survive the continuing collapse of GM. This was a happening place back in the good days of Generous Motors.

  2. For a minute I thought the last sentence said the floor was encrusted with penises (is that the right plural) anyway, i was thinking, woah, that is a dive. Then I realized it was pennys. Shouldn't people be saving those, cause it sounds like in this place you don't need to collect too many to trade for a beer.

  3. Emily, Jason, Andy - Good work on your trifecta of tavern testimonials!

    S- Sounds like a good bar to have in the family.

  4. I've been working at Deville's for 3 years. You are right it is like being in your best friends basement. Most of the people that come to Devilles are regulars and we always welcome newcomers. Everyone is friends or like family. We go on casino trips together, ceder point, and ect. So, if you've never been to our little dive bring your friends and family. For a good time. Also, Lucy is awsome. She works at the Stumble Inn now.

  5. Lucy is my mother in law and she is a awesome waitress and bartender...devilles really lost a great asset to the bar.