Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks Flint Expatriates!

I'd like to thank Flint Expatriates for the kind words of support and challenge that dare us to press on with our task!

Some of you may be skeptical of our goal or our credentials. Here is a quick introduction to our team and methods.

Andy, Jason and I have known each other for about 10 years and all went to college at University of Michigan-Flint. We all live and work in Flint even though we have been accused by some of being suburbanite wannabees. Some may call us hipsters, some may call us drunks. We hope you read along and decide for yourselves.

This operation is basically an extension of our normal activities. We like to seek out new bars all the time. We'll be documenting all these bars with pretty low tech equipment. Like pencils and bar napkins. There may be a digital camera involved occasionally, but we may also use cell phones. This is gonna be as organic as we can get away with.

And for those worried about our safety. We drink early and we'll be watching for people hanging out in parking lots with screwdrivers...


  1. Emily, you don't work! ;)

  2. Being unemployed in Flint counts as working.

  3. Dear Boozers,

    I'd like to apologize for some of the, er, more colorful comments on Flint Expats about your project. That's just a sign that people take your drinking exploits seriously.

    So please check in on the comment section again. There's lots of good advice.

  4. I know beer. I know beer drinkers. I am honored to know you guys.


  5. i'm getting a kick out of this site.