Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reexamination of the cost of beer

One of the things it's easy to forget when you live in Flint is how expensive beer can be.

Photo courtesy of Sokwonele-Zimbabwe on Flickr

I've been living in Pellston (15 miles south of the Mackinaw Bridge) deep in the heart of tourist country for the last couple of months doing a temporary job. Whenever I go out to a bar around here I'm shocked when I have to hand over most of my paycheck to get a pitcher of beer.

Whenever friends come to Flint from out of town they seem shocked at the bill when we get it. I (being the mostly pessimistic person that I am) always assume that they think the bill is too high. Usually though they're shocked at the amount of change that they've gotten back. Last time we were at the Red Ribbon we got 6 shots for the big city price of a couple of Miller High Lifes.

In Flint, it's like happy hour all the time.


  1. That's surprising. I would have thought that beer in Pellston would be cheaper than it is in Flint.

  2. I think part of the problem is "summer pricing". If I came back in November I bet I'd pay a lot less for the beer.

  3. Everything in northern Michigan is expensive compared to Flint. I live in Charlevoix (used to live in Flint town) and even a Big Mac is more money up here than it is down state...

  4. The cheap prices are why my liver is pickled. Well that and the fact that I like beer.

  5. Then again, concider that the further north you go the statistic for alcohol use goes up. That, tied with seasonal tourism and you get boosted price.

  6. Recently, I passed through Pellston on my way to the U.P. on the off chance I'd see see you, Emily. Close, but no guitars. Nice town though.