Thursday, June 4, 2009

Caboose Lounge

Caboose Lounge
120 E Atherton Rd #120
Flint, MI

(810) 743-8000

When to go: Tuesday $1 Domestics
When not to go: When you should be at your daughter's wedding
Baby Powder: Available if you need it
Johnny Vegas: NO!
Credito? No
Urinals: Dual
Outside seating? HELL YES! And you can see trees and weeds!
Theme: Bar

This bar is an extension of the patrons living room. 90% of the bar sat at one long table. There were about 4 "Norm!" moments while we were there. And although none of us were Norm, no one minded a few strangers drinking beers and watching the Wings with them.

I hate taking photos at the bar. This was the worst place to do it. If you were throwing a party and some strange dude started walking around, taking pictures of people and your stuff, you wouldn't like it and you might hit them with a pool stick. I felt like I would be invading these folks home.

This is a small bar. Its about the size of living room in a trailer. When we sat down the other table shifted their table to make a little room for us. They joked about the room and then went back to talking about superior lawnmowers, healthcare, and damned fools.

There was a dark black spot on the television screen. While watching the hockey game we were making jokes about an extra puck on the ice but didn't want to be loud about it. later a regular said "It's hard to watch the game with that damn 2nd puck on the ice."

Small Bar Charms:
  • One can lean over from the table to get your beer from the bar
  • Tell a joke to your table and the whole bar can enjoy it
  • Heats up faster in the winter
  • Easier to make new friends
  • Tête-à-tête
  • Cheapest way buy the bar a round
  • Bartender can take entire bars order without moving

Small Bar Suck:

  • Farts
  • Heats up faster in summer
  • One damned fool ruins the bar
  • Toilets underneath the sink combos
  • People nosing in on my tête-à-tête
  • Speaker systems meant for the Palace
  • When regular loses his job, profits drop by 33%

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  1. Finally went to this bar in January after all the years of driving by it. What a dump. It looked like someones basement with the water damaged wood paneling on the wall. But the beer was cheap.