Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stumblin' Inn

Stumblin' Inn

3504 1/2 Fenton Rd
Flint, MI 48507

(810) 239-0930

Nights to go: When you are already drunk and you want to walk home and you live in my house
Nights not to go: Most often
Prices: Depends on who the bartender is
Urinals: Yes
Colors: NO
Awesome sign: Yes
Johnny Vegas in a tube: Yes. There are regulations
Stink like Dorals when you leave: yes
Plastic: Shots are served in it
Plastic: Not accepted for payment

Stumblin' Inn is really close to my house. I go there when there is no beer in the house and I'm in the mood for flat beer. Now I bet you are thinkin' I'm being an ass. I am. This place bugs me every time I go. And for some reason I still go.

I've had a shot and beer there for $3.00. It was an 8 oz. beer chaser with a regular shot of swill. Few weekends later I was considered crazy by the bartender for sugesting anything like that was ever served there. I got 12oz beer and a shot for $5.00. Few weeks ago I got the same thing for $5.75.

Stumblin Inn is full of some characters. First time there I grabbed a pitcher at the bar. Emily grabbed a table for us. Earl and Jeb lean over from their table and tell Emily that she is looks bangin' in her top (in a very nice way and not like a couple of creeps that flirt in pairs). Emily demurely smiles. The dudes suddenly see her MF engagement ring. They, being gentleman in a harsh and changin' world, apologize. They totally respect her for being able to settle down. Its just not for them.

Quite often at Stumblin' Inn there are folks new to drinking and have reverted back to girls at a junior high dance. They tend come into the bar yellin', then run outside screamin', then some other newcomer follows her outside and repeat.

Stumblin' Inn is fun because:
  • Prices vary from week to week, day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, bartender to bartender.
  • Urinal Height is non-standard
  • Colors aren't tolerated
  • Live DJ
  • Pantera on the juke box
  • Drink in the alley
  • CNN on the big screen
  • Conveniently located on street
  • Colloquial Suffixes


  1. Yeah. and I got my wallet stolen there one time too.

  2. bugwaterguy76@yahoo.comMay 11, 2009 at 6:14 PM

    Hey bar people,

    My wife's last day is at the Flint Journal is Thursday. She is one of many being downsized. Where would be a good place to take her where she could forget her troubles and have a good time? I have looked around online, but I am still unsure. I am thinking a place to drink and dance. I don't go to bars, so any help would be great.

    By the way Jason, I am the guy who works next to headquarters with the glasses that always checks out comics.

  3. A great sign.

    Those plastic shot glasses remind me too much of a urine sample.

    I'm going to be in Flint this summer. Any chance of doing a guest review of a bar of my choosing? I'd be honored.

  4. They do accept plastic now though....

  5. They do accept plastic now, though....

  6. prices are now set in stone and great drink specials every day like dollar longnecks all day and all night on wednesdays

  7. Stumblin' Inn's bartender Christine was voted FAVORITE bartender in Flint by the Broadside a Flint publication. Congrats Chrissy!! If you've never visited the Stumblin' Inn..go see Christine she's a sweetie.

  8. Thats a cool ass name!!!

  9. i will say christine is the best bartender there, but they havent had much business there lately i think with the economy the way it is & ever since they took out smoking i dont smoke, but in the winter time is probably the worse for them hopefully itll pick up in the summer time. plus the last bartenders werent very cool. there is a new owner now i use to love it when it had karaoke, but now they dont they dont have much of anything except this band its an alright band but its not the same as it use to be. i miss the karaoke. so if they had karaoke id be up there more. S

  10. I too used to live right by the Stublin' Inn, on Vermilya Ave, actually. I've only been in there once, I was with some friends and we were completely ignored by the waitstaff and bartender until we eventually gave up and left. I like to do my Flint drinkin' at Remington's now.

    By the way, I just discovered your blog, and it is awesome. You are all very funny